FarmVille Expert Guide If you are a FarmVille gamer, you surely realize already that Farmville is among the most versatile games available.

The game gives you a simple grid formation, and from this beginning point, your options for completing your farm are almost limitless! Just like a “real” farmer, you have a plot of land available to you and you can design it, embellish it, landscape it or lay it out in any way you want.

But how do you start? The sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

This article makes a few suggestions regarding FarmVille layout ideas. Perhaps some will catch you eye encourage you to create your own farm.

Layout Idea #1: Inspect Your Neighbours’ Farms Closely

Suppose you bought a plot of land in real life. Before you started building, you would probably check out the other homes or farms in the neighborhood and see which ones you like. You might also discover some things you do not like, simply by seeing what other people have done.

It is the same thing with FarmVille. Before you begin to layout your farm, visit the neighbors and check out what they have done. Pay particular attention to the neighbors who are playing at high levels – intermediate to advanced. From this, you will get some thoughts on how you want to layout your own property.

Visiting your neighbors is easy enough to do. Simply visit their farm and poke around, or alternatively, you might inspect their profile photos. A lot of players make screen captures of their farms and display them in their profile page.

Layout Idea #2: Decide What Kind Of Farmer You Want To Be

Before you begin populating your farm, first decide your main FarmVille goal.

Is it your intention to have a nice looking farm that makes you some decent Farmville cash? Or is making lots of money your top priority, and who cares what the farm looks like? Or perhaps you aren’t interested in piling up money because your main goal is to have an attractive, beautiful farm.

It’s best to decide before you start laying out the land.

If It’s All About the Money

If you have decided that above all else, you want to make a lot of money, then you should devote at least ninety percent of your land to growing crops. You will have to shove your animals and trees into a small area, and that won’t look good. However, it will help you make the most money possible.

Should this be your choice, then you want to optimize your crops as well. It’s smart to plant similar crops side by side. For example, you could plant all of your strawberries next to one another, and plant all of your pumpkins next to one another.

By doing this, your crops should come to harvest at more or less the same time. You can harvest them efficiently, and you won’t be wasting your time visiting numerous areas of your farm. It’ll be Click1 Click! Click! to harvest them.

If it’s All About Looking Good

If you aren’t that interested in making money and your mainly want a nice looking farm to show off, then you will need to take a different approach. You might want to sketch out your layout before you proceed.

There are FarmVille players who use software applications like Adobe Photoshop or an  an Excel spreadsheet, or even regular grid-paper to plan out all of their ideas before they go ahead and spend money buying stuff. As they say in the building trade, “Plan Twice. Build Once.

If you have studied your neighbor’s layouts and found nothing you wanted to replicate,  and if your own sketching and planning hasn’t produced the perfect layout for you, then pay a visit to the official Zynga FarmVille forum.

You will find a number of threads where players are displaying their farms. One of these threads has over six hundred pages! Surely you will find something there that inspires you.

Want to be a FarmVille Expert?

If you envision becoming a FarmVille expert some day, then you might want to check out some of the FarmVille guides that are out there. Some of them are not worth much, and some teach you illegal ways of farming. The problem with that is should you be caught, you may well be booted out of the game.  One of the best rated guides available is FarmVille Master Guide. It will start you out on the right track and keep you there.